In the policlinic of the Universal Clinic "Oberig" patients will be able to consult and to have the final diagnosis from the appropriate doctor. In the department of the clinic are working the best experts of the city. Our doctors of the department will create motivation for the patient to recover, and together achieve success in a complex treatment process.

If you suffer from abdominal pain, intermittent feeling of heaviness in the upper abdomen, heartburn, belching, nausea, bitter taste and dry mouth, intestinal problems (unstable stool, constipation, flatulence, feeling of discomfort in the lower abdomen), highly qualified doctors of the "Oberig " clinic will help you to get rid of the discomfort and prevent the development of dangerous pathologies.

The universal clinic «Oberig" has created the best conditions for all kinds of diagnostic routine treatment of patients with urological diseases. In urology consultation are being conducted crushing stones in the urinary system without surgery using the method of shock wave lithotripsy contactless.

Throughout all life, every woman needs a systematic examination of the gynecologist. Many women diseases in its early stages occur almost asymptomatic, and only an expert can identify their origin.

The cardiologist consultation is equipped with digital diagnostic ultrasound system that meets the highest standards of expert class.

The otolaryngologist consultation includes therapeutic equipment with a comfortable control that provides extreme comfort for the patient during interventions in the ENT organs.

In our clinic is making the diagnosis and treatment of all common skin diseases. In addition, we are making a cryosurgery of skin tumors (papillomas, warts, keratomas).

The diagnostic capabilities of high-tech equipment at our clinic provides the identification in the early stages of the nervous system, the differential diagnosis between functional and organic lesions.

Ophthalmologic consultation of the universal clinic "Oberig", which is equipped with the world's leading eye care equipment of such companies like Alcon (USA), Topcon (Japan), provisioning the implementation on the current level and in the full amount the diagnostic of organ of vision.

Directly in the pulmonologist doctor's consultation you will be able to go to diagnose and determine the violation of respiratory function using spirography - method of research, which is essential to establish the diagnosis of "bronchial asthma" or "obstructive bronchitis" (COPD). The consultation is equipped with modern computer Spirograph of German company «EGER», which allows the entire all spectrum of the spirographic researches, including with pharmacological tests and tests with physical activity.

Close cooperation of the doctor-therapist with others doctors of different specialties directly in the clinical setting results in a rapid and timely provision of highly specialized patient counseling assistance without further loss of time and opportunities in search of the necessary consultant.

During the consultation of the surgeon the polyclinic consulting to the patient is giving by the general surgeons and also by the doctors of narrow specialties (oncologist, mammolog, vascular surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon, an orthopedist-traumatologist), who have a lot of years of experience working with patients of varying complexity.

The Universal Clinic "Oberig" has a complete package of services: from the consulting to the medical-diagnostic for the diagnosis and treatment, including surgical, endocrine diseases.

An important point in rheumatology, which we are giving the special attention in the "Oberig" clinic, it is the early diagnosis of diseases and timely initiated adequate therapy, which affects on the prognosis of the disease and the patient's survival.

Our doctors are working together to achieve the best results in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. We have created a multidisciplinary group (centers) for removal of complex medical problems. You can always rely on us. Please call on the reception by phone: 521 03 03.

Doctor of the department

Antonyk Larisa
Antonyk Larisa

Chief of the in-patient unit
22 years of work experience

Суворкіна Ірина Василівна
Суворкіна Ірина Василівна

Лікар-пульмонолог, терапевт
Кандидат медичних наук
Вища категорія
22 роки медичного стажу

Зрєлих Лілія Вікторівна
Зрєлих Лілія Вікторівна

8 років медичного стажу

Кондрашова Ирина Викторовна
Кондрашова Ирина Викторовна

Врач акушер-гинеколог
24 года медицинского стажа