Psychosomatics and Depression Center

Center of Psychosomatics and Depression
Center of Psychosomatics and Depression

Centre of Psychosomatics and Depression will help you to deal with such problems:

1. Medical problems, masking the emotional nature disorders

Often various functional disorders have as an organic cause and the psychological, emotional. In order to eliminate this or that disease is not enough to work only with a somatic component; you must also work with the emotional sphere.

2. Stress

The most common manifestations of chronic stress include the following:

  • Sense of loss of control;
  • Disorganized activities (distraction, making wrong decisions, restlessness);
  • Lethargy, apathy, excessive fatigue;
  • Sleep disturbances (including long falling asleep, early waking ups, feeling the lack of sleep).

3. Psychological problems Various psychological disorders can be manifested through anxiety, panic disorder, depression, chronic fatigue, etc.

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Doctor of the department

Malyarov Sergiy
Malyarov Sergiy

34 years of working experience

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Щербина Лидия Александровна

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Kolyada Marina
Kolyada Marina


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Александренко Вікторія Анатоліївна

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