About us

Clinic "Oberig" - a unique diagnostic and medical complex in the center of Kiev.

The clinic is based on the "all in one place" - the whole range of necessary medical services under one roof. The clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment to detect and treat diseases. The clinic is staffed by experienced physicians who successfully combine extensive practical clinical experience with research. The clinic works closely with leading research institutions in the country: the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, National Medical University AABogomolets. has contacts with foreign centers of Europe. If necessary, doctors clinics can arrange a consultation with leading experts in the world.

Diagnostic department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment companies Toshiba, Siemens, Olympus, General Electric. All this makes it possible for the first time in Ukraine to conduct a full analysis of the state of the heart, and the study of the heart may at physiological tachycardia, and in patients with arrhythmias. Determine the extent and size of the lumen of the artery blockages, identify fresh manifestations of thrombosis of all sizes all parts of the body, coronary and other arteries, as well as the risks of stroke, heart attack. For the first time in Ukraine Clinic introduced painless virtual endoscopy lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and the latest video, bronchopulmonary, gastroduodeno-, colonoscopy. The resulting information provides the ability to properly determine the choice of method and tactics of treatment and prevention.

Classrooms clinical advisory professionals equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and tools. All this makes it possible in the shortest time possible to make an accurate diagnosis, to determine the optimal treatment approaches. Treatment system is based solely on the evidence-based medicine with the use of clinical protocols leading medical centers in the world. The clinic Consultations leading scholars and practitioners in Ukraine. Clinical diagnostic laboratory performs the full range of tests, including histopathological studies on the equipment Zeiss.

Operating Clinics are equipped with modern equipment company Karl Storz to complex laparoscopic 'ndoskopicheskih interventions in the abdomen, spine surgery, the ENT, urologic surgery, including laser prostatectomy, vaginal gynecology, urogynecology, crushing stones in the kidney, ureter, bladder bubble, the shock-wave lithotripsy (complex Darnier), endoscopic contact litrotripsiey (laser LUMINARIS). Laporoskopicheskie therapies allow the patient to restore the ability to work within 2-3 days after major surgical interventions. The clinic performed angiographic coronary angiography, installation cava filters, embolization artery ablation leg veins, hemangiomas and other vascular interventions.

Hospital Clinic accepts patients of therapeutic and surgical, including children from 7 days after birth. Single and double rooms - spacious, light - are equipped and more like a comfortable, hotel rooms. It employs doctors - specialists of high quality.