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General information

Medical center "Oberig "(LLC "Kapital") - one of the biggest private investment projects in the field of Health, founded in the XXI century. Has been founded in May 2008, established itself as a modern institution of nongovernmental hospital, where outpatient and inpatient medical care of high quality is provided for Ukrainian citizens and patients from around the world.

We work, respecting universal rules of care, which are inherented in the best medical institutions of the world: professionalism, transparency, openness, honesty, adherence to medical standards and prioritize the individual needs of each patient and their loved ones.

Responsibility before patients and staff is maintained according to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and implementation of the best examples of clinical practice in developed countries of the world, permanent investments in the development of physicians’ skills and the material base of the clinic.

Clinic Oberig has the clearly defined mission, which is shared by all employees of the clinics. We operate principles that are embodied in our motto – Intelligent healthcare for everyone.

To ensure the implementation of the organization's mission in the clinic "Oberig" the system of care meets the needs of patients from the time of recourse until full recovery or maximum recovery, focusing on primary and secondary prevention, early and accurate diagnostics, effective treatment and rehabilitation. We provide medical care based on the recommendations of evidence-based medicine in the framework of existing standards of care, using local clinical protocols and local medicine formular.

Clinic “Oberig" has comprehensive capabilities in diagnostics and treatment of various diseases, including: innovative medical information system, powerful diagnostic department (CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, etc.), outpatient and inpatient departments for adults and children, modern department of anesthesiology and intensive care, intelligent operating room, a private clinical diagnostic lab and central sterilization department, specialized medical centers.

Peculiarity of the hospital is the creation of multi-disciplinary teams of specialists for integrated solutions of complex medical problems by forming special functional units - Centers where specialists of different fields are concentrated in order to achieve a better result. Specialized centers of Clinic "Oberig": Women's Health Center, Gastroenterology center, Stroke Center, Pediatric Allergy Center, Innovative Technologies Center for Pediatric Surgery and Urology, Psychosomatics and Depression Center, Plastic and Esthetic Surgery Center, Morphology Lab, etc.

We attach daily efforts for better serving of our patients and providing health care of professional level. Clinic team does not stop in the development even for a day. We believe that each of our expert is trying to do everything that depends on him to achieve the best health outcome for patient.

Everyone from time to time needs medical assistance. Perhaps, we do not really want to think about it, but health is not a constant. When we, our children, or parents, relatives or friends in good health and they do not get sick - we feel good. If health problems arise, it is very important to find a doctor or medical facility that will safely and effectively overcome the problems with adequate time and cost. Often we need an advice on how to maintain health, and we need more professional work of doctors in case of serious illness.

How to choose a doctor or hospital? How to gain the confidence in a result of the diagnosis and treatment of disease and ensure effective rehabilitation? How to make effective investments in conservation and preservation of health? How and to whom, finally, you can trust your health?

Answers to these questions, in our opinion, are obvious - seek medical help in the Clinic "Oberig".