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The list of services included into the individual neurorehabilitation program (InRP)

List of InRP services Detailed description
Patient's stay in a specially equipped ward of the Stroke Unit for the duration of the Program For the duration of the InRP, patient is hospitalized in a single-or double specially equipped ward of the Stroke Unit Constant rooming of relatives, caregivers and others is not allowed and requires prior authorization and additional charges.
Individual dietary (Special Diet) Special diet provided three times a day is consulted with the attending physician and takes into account patient preferences.
Supervision of the patient and expert consultation of the Stroke Unit team (neurologists, rehabilitation specialists) Consultationof the patient by specialists of the Stroke Unit (neurologists, rehabilitation specialists (throughout the duration of the program)
Basic medical care and basic medical procedures Basic medical care (dressing, changing linens, personal hygiene, etc.)And basic medical procedures including injections and infusions (i/v, i/m, s/c), measuring blood pressure, body temperature, etc.
Neurorehabilitation interventions are carried out daily, according to the individual rehabilitation program (IRP) with the exception of one day off per week (Sunday) / national holiday Specialized rehabilitation sessions per patient’s InRP –physical therapy (kinesio therapy), occupational therapy, speech therapy, mechanotherapy, verticalization on EasyStand, utilization of Balance Trainer, HandTutor.
Type A program «Neurorehabilitation program with intensive care» provides maximum assistance with activities that the patient cannot perform without help, that is providing assistance in all activities that the patient can’t do himself/herself Specialized care and assistance in completing morning hygiene, feeding, body positioning, toilet, bathing, tube feeding or gastrostomy, tracheostomy sanitation and other elements of a specialized intensive care

The list of services that are NOT part of the individual neurorehabilitation program (InRP) and are paid in addition:

1. Any laboratory, functional, radiological or instrumental tests;
2. The cost of drugs (medicines);
3. The cost of special medical products or personal care (crutches, wheelchair, orthoses, etc.);
4. Consultations of related specialists (eg, endocrinologist, surgeon, etc.).