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Universal clinic "Oberig"

Universal Clinic "Oberig" was launched in 2008, being guided by the credo of "intelligent medical care". Since then, we have worked honestly and transparently, treating rationally and effectively, by using the principles of evidence-based medicine.

"Oberig" is continuously developing. Not only did we introduce a comprehensive cancer center in Ukraine, but also remained a universal clinic constantly introducing innovations in all medical fields.

About the Clinic
Intelligent Medical Care
About the Clinic

Universal clinic "Oberig" is a multidisciplinary clinic of evidence-based medicine that provides modern highly specialized medical care to adults and children. Our motto is "smart medical care". This credo provides for compliance with the principles of evidence-based medicine, the requirements of infection safety and safety of medical care, taking into account the importance of the patient's quality of life, honest and transparent relations between the doctor and the patient, and involving the patient in making decisions about the diagnostic and treatment plan.

With the launch of the new innovative building in the summer of 2020, the clinic provides a full cycle of medical services to cancer patients — from establishing an accurate diagnosis to carrying out all types of treatment — surgical, chemotherapy, radiation. The clinic performs high-tech surgical interventions, which include liver and kidney transplantation for adults and children. "Oberig" is the All-Ukrainian leader in terms of the number of family liver transplants performed. September 2023 was marked by the opening of a new area of highly specialized medical care — the opening of the Neurosurgery Center for the treatment of patients with diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

We started full-time employment of highly professional doctors with legal remuneration, providing them with all the necessary modern equipment for providing medical care. In total, 143 specialists with higher medical education work in the clinic. Our doctors include 10 doctors of medical sciences, 26 candidates of medical sciences, 8 professors, 12 honored doctors of Ukraine, 2 honored healthcare workers. Among the consulting doctors whom we engage to solve extremely complex clinical cases, there are 12 candidates of sciences, 10 doctors of sciences, 5 professors. Despite all the circumstances of the last three years, we do not stop the training and professional improvement of our doctors - internships in the world's leading medical centers, visits to international scientific events and presentations of our specialists with the results of research.

Universal clinic "Oberig" is a university clinic of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets Both students and interns are trained in the clinic.

We have been trusted by the world leaders in the production of high-tech medical equipment, Siemens and Varian, by concluding an agreement to open regional reference centers for the training of doctors.

A "talisman" today is:

  • 148 beds in 6 inpatient departments
  • 16 intensive care beds
  • 17 beds of a day hospital
  • 6 operating rooms
  • more than 600 employees
  • the most powerful diagnostic center in Ukraine: 2 new MRI machines (1.5 and 3 Tesla), 3 new CT machines (128, 64, 20 slices), 16 ultrasound machines (of which 6 are expert level), a mammogram with tomosynthesis
  • more than 50 clinical and consulting rooms
  • own laboratory and pathogistological center

Our goal is to provide quality and safe world-class medical care to patients in Ukraine. We have created all the necessary conditions in order not only to adhere to the highest standards in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, but also to take care of the length and quality of the patient's life in the future.

Universal clinic "Oberig"


Mission: to change the image of hospital and medicine for Ukrainians.

To implement this, for patients we are a clinic of "healthy" medical culture:

• the patient receives help by calling a single number.

Every patient`s appeal to the staff of the clinic, no matter how small it is, will receive a meaningful answer.

• We understand patients` condition, respect their rights, take into account personal needs, speak honestly, involve our patiens in decision-making process.

• we do not "sell" services, but take care of those who trust us.

for physicians we are a clinic of "healthy" professional culture:

• we are the place where professionals` dreams come true.

Our doctor knows, strives and achieves the highest professional standards.

• we are the hospital where physicians study and teach.

Our doctor is constantly advancing and sharing knowledge with colleagues and students.

• we are the place where everything matters to everyone.

We have common successes and common defeats, we help each other; the goal for each of us is the professional growth of all team members.

• we have a competent team that copes with the most difficult situations.

 Complex cases are not exceptions or miracles for us - these are our everyday tasks.

Intelligent Medical Care

Intelligent medical care - it's an efficiently provided medical care.


Intelligent medical care – is the belief that you will not be only listened, but also heared; we will devote sufficient time and attention and will offer the optimum solution based on the postulates of evidence-based medicine.


Intelligent medical care - is the security and confidentiality of patients during hospital stay, professional service and comfort.


Intelligent medical care - is a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and managers, who are constantly enhancing their skills.


Intelligent medical care – is the absence of polypharmacy (the appointment of a large number of unnecessary or ineffective drugs), due to  the Local Drug Formulary of Universal Clinic "Oberig".

Intelligent medical care – is a fair price of medical services, which is still several times lower compared to foreign analogues and available for the majority of the representatives of the "middle class" in Ukraine.

Intelligent medical care – is a permanent recruitment, development and training, investment in equipment and people.

Intelligent medical care – is a social responsibility to employees, the public and the state, which is manifested in the official employment of all employees and doing business in the legal field.


Intelligent medical aid – is openness in the dissemination of the results of the clinic, new techniques and technologies for other doctors, medical institutions and society in general, the active position in the development of the health system of Ukraine.