Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

If someone you care about has had a stroke, you might be searching for help. After surviving stroke people are likely to become dependent on others, unable to participate in daily activities without assistance, and experience poor quality of life. A holistic approach to neurorehabilitation at the Stroke Center of the Universal Clinic “Oberig” will help you and your loved ones regain quality and fullness of life. It is crucial to begin rehabilitation as early as possible once the patient’s condition has been stabilized in the intensive care unit.

The earlier you begin rehabilitation, the better is your prognosis to remediate impaired function and regain functional independence. Contemporary approach to rehabilitation is based on the work of a multi-disciplinary team, each member of which is an important link providing unique expertise.

The multidisciplinary rehabilitation team of the Stroke Center is comprised of highly qualified specialists – neurologists, physical, occupational and speech therapists, neuropsychologists, dietitians, specialists in physical agent modalities and massage, as well as qualified nursing staff. They focus their efforts on creating a motivating atmosphere towards recovery and helping the patient regain impaired function.

However, it is the patient with his family who is the most important member of our team. The Stroke Center is designed according to the best practice of European neurorehabilitation, offering well-equipped patient rooms and gyms for physical and occupational therapy, special room for speech therapy. The work of the multi-disciplinary team is enhanced by contemporary rehab equipment to maximize therapeutic effect towards successful outcomes.

Daily you will practice with specialists of multidisciplinary rehabilitation team:

Physical Therapist (PT)– A healthcare provider specializes in maximizing a stroke survivor’s mobility and independence to improve major motor and sensory impairments, such as walking, balance and coordination. Physical Therapist (PT) is skilled in specialized techniques and methods which help to restore lost functions of sitting, standing and ambulation. In collaboration with the patient, PT achieves best possible result in the rehabilitation of motor activity through recovery of muscle strength and muscle tone, improving mobility of joints, managing spasticity, training equilibrium and balance.

Occupational Therapist (OT) –specializes in remediation of lost skills and habits related to activities of daily living (ADL), such as dressing, eating, hygiene and self-care, which are necessary for independent living .Our patient learns to hold a spoon, brush his teeth, button a shirt, use a TV remote, a phone. Lost hand functions are restored by using specially developed OT technique sand exercises. Speech Therapist (ST) – a specialist who helps to restore language skills and also treats swallowing disorders.

Neuropsychologist - if the patient needs the help of a neuropsychologist, our experts will help him/her to adjust personal response to the disease, to form an adequate attitude to it. Additionally, neuropsychologist works with relatives of the stroke survivor in order to address the interpersonal relationships in the family and assist the relatives in helping and supporting the patient. Specialists in physical agent modalities, massage therapists are also part of our multidisciplinary team.

Rehabilitation nurses coordinate the medical support needs of stroke survivors throughout rehabilitation. Skilled nursing staff will provide assistance in returning to everyday lives of individuals with special physical needs through.

Experts of our rehabilitation team will provide all necessary guidance about life after stroke not only to the patient, but also to his/her family to assist in further care of the patient. Individual neurorehabilitation program takes into account the broadest aspects of adaptation and recovery in different domains: psychological, social, cultural and family.

Stroke is not a death sentence, and it is possible to achieve good quality of life after stroke!

It is vital to remember that rehabilitation will be most effective if initiated within 6 months of the stroke episode. However, rehabilitation potential is determined individually for each particular case and regardless of the time passed since stroke. Our team creates an individualized rehabilitation program based on the patient’s functional abilities and personal needs.

Treatment goals are created collaboratively with the patient and his or her relatives. Therefore, stroke is a challenge we overcome together. In addition to support and care of family members, the expertise of professionals in neurorehabilitation at the Stroke Center of the Universal Clinic “Oberig” will help you regain fullness of life. We invite you to experience this first-hand!

Doctor of the department

Pluzhnikov Pavel
Pluzhnikov Pavel

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Брацейко Сергей Дмитриевич

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Папп Инна Игоревна

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Кущенко Олександр Олександрович

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