Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

If you suffer from abdominal pain, intermittent feeling of heaviness in the upper abdomen, heartburn, belching, nausea, bitter taste and dry mouth, intestinal problems (unstable stool, constipation, flatulence, feeling of discomfort in the lower abdomen), highly qualified doctors of clinic " Oberig "will help you to get rid of the discomfort and to prevent the growth of dangerous pathologies.

If you are looking for modern diagnostics and effective treatment of such a common diseases of the digestive tract like GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), gastritis (chronic or acute), Barrett's esophagus, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other, you should contact the experts of Gastritis center of clinic "Oberig".

A number of gastrointestinal diseases may take a long time in a latent form and not show symptoms. With the help of modern methods of examination and diagnosis you will make all the necessary procedures and, based on your medical history, doctor will prepare your individual treatment.

For accurate diagnosis gastroenterologist has available::

  • CT scan of the abdominal cavity (including "virtual colonoscopy" MSCT-oncological screening);
  • ultramodern ultrasound diagnostics (including the Shear Wave Elastography for the assessment of liver structure);
  • aiming liver biopsy under ultrasound and CT;
  • Evascular Doppler ultrasound of the abdominal cavity;
  • endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal tract (esophagogastroduodenoscopy, illeokolonosigmofibroskopiya);
  • capsule endoscopy;
  • polymerase chain reaction to determine the level of viremia and genotype of hepatitis viruses A, B, C, D and TTV, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr, herpes, human papilloma virus; *extended range of immunological, biochemical, hormonal, blood, urine, feces, and other physiological fluids;
  • morphological study of biopsy specimens of the gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa, obtained during the endoscopic and determine the degree of contamination of the gastric mucosa and duodenal Helicobacter pylori;
  • Fibromaks - non-invasive liver biopsy in combination with elastography;
  • coprogram and pathological study of intestinal microflora with definition of sensitivity to bacteriophages + antibiogram.

Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory of the clinic "Oberig" uses well-established in Europe, clinics blood testing method - gastro-panel to assess the functional state of the stomach, as well as other modern research methods for accurate diagnosis of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors-gastroenterologists provides not only a symptomatic assistance to the patients, but also carried out about a dynamic prophylactic observation, creating conditions for a better quality of life.

Doctor of the department

Власюк  Светлана  Борисовна
Власюк Светлана Борисовна

Врач ультразвуковой диагностики
Кандидат медицинских наук
33 года медицинского стажа

Sobolevska Nataliya
Sobolevska Nataliya

47 years of working experience

Топольницкий Валентин Станиславович
Топольницкий Валентин Станиславович

Д. мед.наук, профессор

Solovyova Galyna
Solovyova Galyna

MD PhD Docent
21 years of working experience


Magnetic resonance holanhyopankreatohrafyya (MRHPH)

Magnetic resonance holanhyopankreatohrafyya (MRHPH)

Endosonography (GSE)

Endosonography (GSE)