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Interventional radiology (biopsy under ultrasound and CT)

Interventional radiology (biopsy under ultrasound and CT)
About the direction
About the direction

Modern oncology is effective in particular due to the exceptional accuracy of the diagnosis. No antitumor treatment today is unthinkable without a microscopic examination of the tumor site. This allows the doctor to choose between surgical, radiation, drug treatment and their combinations. And in the case of prescribing chemotherapy, it is necessary to select exactly those chemotherapy drugs that will be effective for a particular patient.

Such precision in the diagnosis and study of tumors BEFORE starting therapy to select the optimal treatment is possible thanks to interventional radiologists. These specialists perform procedures without incisions and significant discomfort - through small punctures with special hollow needles. Of course, not blindly, but under the control of imaging methods - ultrasound or computed tomography. In our clinic, such minimally invasive interventions are performed by Candidate of Medical Sciences Yuri Chirkov.

Ultrasound-guided interventional radiology is commonly used for the abdomen and superficial organs. But there are parts of the body where ultrasound hits obstacles, and in such cases, CT is used. For example, these are bones, intestines, lungs, mediastinum, pancreas, retroperitoneal space.

The Somatom Confidence computed tomograph has a special program for interventional interventions on the abdominal cavity and chest. This provides a significant reduction in the number of CT scan starts and needle position corrections.

The doctor sets certain points - and the computer program calculates all the distances and angles of the needle path in three-dimensional space. You can be sure that it will hit the target with minimal injury. The fluoroscopy mode allows you to display the position of the focus and the needle on the monitor in real time.

Somatom Confidence protects not only the patient, but also the doctor. For example, the tomograph automatically turns off when X-rays pass in the area where his hands are located.

Interventional radiology at Somatom Confidence has three benefits:

  • reducing the patient's radiation dose;
  • reduction of procedure time;
  • high precision of intervention.

In addition to diagnostic, under the control of CT and ultrasound, medical procedures are performed - nephrostomy with a blocked kidney, various aspirations, drainage of cavities, abscesses, cysts, and the like.

To carry out manipulations under CT control, hospitalization is required for one day. Most ultrasound-guided biopsies are done on an outpatient basis - in a polyclinic. After that, you can immediately go about your business.

If your doctor recommends biopsy or other interventions, please call our contact center - (044) 521 30 03.

Chyrkov Yurii Chyrkov Yurii
  • Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics
  • Interventional radiologist
  • PhD in Medical Sciences
  • 34 years of medical experience
Interventional radiology (biopsy under ultrasound and CT) Why "Oberig"?

The biopsy is performed using a Somatom Confidence CT scanner. This device has three advantages:

  • reduction of the patient's radiation dose,
  • reduction of the procedure time,
  • high accuracy of intervention.
  • Our experts insist that cancer treatment is not possible without a prior biopsy.

    In addition, Somatom Confidence has a special program for biopsies of the abdomen and chest. This reduces the number of CT scans and needle position corrections. Fluoroscopy mode allows you to display the position of the tumor and the needle in real time.

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