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Center for Proctology

Center for Proctology
About the center
We treat
About the center

When choosing a medical institution and a proctologist, you should pay attention to 3 key things:

  • qualification of a doctor-proctologist,
  • tools for diagnostics and treatment,
  • technologies used by the doctor in the treatment process.

At the Oberig Universal Clinic you are guaranteed to receive an effective solution to your problems, because:

  • The proctologist's office is equipped with high-quality instruments and equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.
  • The powerful diagnostic department allows, if necessary, to additionally conduct a number of diagnostic examinations, such as: video colonoscopy, irigography, transrectal ultrasound, MRI or CT with three-dimensional reconstruction, including such a technique as "virtual colonoscopy" (MSCT colonography).
  • Doctors-proctologists are highly qualified and have extensive experience in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Depending on the disease and its stage, the capabilities of the clinic allow using both minimally invasive techniques and surgical interventions (traditional and laparoscopic).
We treat
  • Pain in the anal canal during defecation;
  • Abdominal pain, increases or decreases after defecation;
  • Isolation of blood from the rectum;
  • The presence of pathological impurities in the feces (mucus, pus);
  • The presence of fistulas with purulent or mucous secretions;
  • The presence of tumor-like formations (both painful and painless) in the anal canal and soft tissues of the perineum;
  • Change in the nature of defecation (the appearance of a tendency to  constipation   < / span> or  diarrhea ); 
  •  Hemorrhoids ;
  • For preventive examination once a year after reaching the age of 50 (even in the absence of any symptoms).
Yurkiv Oleh Yurkiv Oleh
  • Surgeon-proctologist
  • PhD in Medical Sciences
  • 21 years of medical experience
Hryhorian Artem Hryhorian Artem
  • Surgeon
  • Surgeon-proctologist
  • Oncosurgeon
  • 16 years of medical experience
Center for Proctology Why Center for Proctology?
  • Expert solution to complex problems - paraproctitis, rectal fistulas, pelvic prolapse and colon cancer. Innovative methods - radiowave and laser surgery, laparoscopy.
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids in the early stages by non-surgical method. Low-trauma and safe surgical treatment.
  • Treatment according to the standards of the USA and the countries of Western Europe. Fast Track Rehabilitation Program
  • Specialists with experience of studying abroad and annual practice of more than 1500 procedures. Video diagnostics are painless.