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Diagnostic Department

Diagnostic Department
About the department
The team
About the department

We use high-class equipment - MRI and CT from Siemens.

  • The strength of the magnet MRI Magnetom Vida is twice that of standard MRI - 3 versus 1.5 Tesla (Tesla is a unit of measurement of magnetic induction).
  • This provides extremely clear and detailed images for a shorter examination time.
  • The Magnetom Vida can be used for MRI of the heart, lungs and intestines. Previously, MRI was not used to study these organs through their mobility.
  • Magnetom Vida makes it possible to carry out examination without holding the breath, which is important for children and patients in serious condition.
  • It is also quieter than conventional MRI.
  • We use CT Somatom go.Top and Somatom Confidence.
  • The radiation dose on such devices has been significantly reduced.
  • Somatom Confidence is a specialized CT scan for planning radiotherapy. The images obtained on it allow medical physicists to calculate the radiation dose, and oncologists to carry out contouring (precise selection of the tumor and critical organs).


Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation with a unique technology of wide-angle, 50-degree, HD Breast Tomosynthesis is installed in the mammological office of Oberig. This machine provides detailed images compared to systems with a smaller scanning angle.

  • Dignostics on Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation is more comfortable for patients thanks to the technology of personalized soft compression. The program calculates the optimal compression level for each gland and stops the compression when it is reached. Also, discomfort is reduced by using comfortable-shaped compression plates with soft edges.
  • High-precision HD Breast Biopsy + InSpect technology speeds up and facilitates the biopsy procedure, which can be performed in any patient position, including sitting and lying down.
  • In addition, Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation is the device with the lowest radiation dose in the world.
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • computed tomography (CT)
  • ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound)
  • x-ray
  • mammography
  • biopsy under the control of ultrasound and CT.

In addition, the clinic has the ability to conduct endoscopic diagnostics (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) to identify diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. We also provide "second opinion" services if you need to confirm or deny a diagnosis already made. 

The team
Matsiievskyi Taras Matsiievskyi Taras
  • Radiologist
  • Head of Diagnostic Department
  • 22 years of medical experience
Vlasiuk Svitlana Vlasiuk Svitlana
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics
  • PhD in Medical Science
  • 36 years of medical experience
Dolot Andrii Dolot Andrii
  • Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics
  • 32 years of medical experience
Chyrkov Yurii Chyrkov Yurii
  • Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics
  • Interventional radiologist
  • PhD in Medical Sciences
  • 34 years of medical experience
Mykytenko Iryna Mykytenko Iryna
  • Radiologist
  • MRI Specialist
  • 25 years of medical experience
Huivan Halyna Huivan Halyna
  • Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics
  • Children`s doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics
  • 31 years of medical experience
Diagnostic Department Why Diagnostic Department?

The radiology department plays one of the most prominent roles in the evolution of “Oberig”. It is stuffed with a full range of diagnostic equipment, both for general diagnostics of routine studies and for highly specialized studies. The department has 5 tomographs, including 3 CT scans (Siemens Confidence, Siemens Go.Top) and 2 MRI scan (1.5 T and 3.0 T with innovative Siemens Magnetom Vida - first and the only one in the country), 2 mammograms (with the possibility of tomosynthesis and stereotactic biopsy), a dozen expert-class ultrasounds and an X-ray C-arm for operating theatre.

Thanks to the close cooperation with Siemens Healthcare, the clinic has become the first Siemens reference-site in Ukraine. This will allow the department to continuously receive all the software updates and be the continuing medical education provider for the professionals from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, and the Baltics. Well-educated staff and modern machines give all the chances to the radiology department of “Oberig” to provide advanced and exemplary diagnostics in the region.