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About the direction
About the direction

In the Universal Clinic "Oberig" you are guaranteed to get an effective solution to your problems, because:

  • The office of a proctologist is equipped with a full range of tools from leading manufacturers, necessary for a complete examination of the patient and further treatment .
  • Powerful diagnostic department allows, if necessary, to conduct a number of additional diagnostic tests, such as videocolonoscopy, irigography, transrectal ultrasound, MRI or CT with three-dimensional reconstruction, including such a technique as "virtual  colonoscopy  ”(MSCT colonography).
  • Proctologists are highly qualified and have extensive experience in Ukraine and abroad.
Yurkiv Oleh Yurkiv Oleh
  • Surgeon-proctologist
  • PhD in Medical Sciences
  • 21 years of medical experience
Proctologist Why "Oberig"?

Depending on the disease and its stage, the clinic's capabilities allow the use of both minimally invasive techniques and surgical interventions (traditional and laparoscopic), which allows for a differentiated approach to each patient and to ensure full diagnosis and treatment of proctological diseases.

Отзывы наших пациентов


Григорьян Артём Иванович

The Oberig clinic should be happy to have such a nice professional Dr.Hryhorian Artem! I had a surgical intervention through Longo method on Jan 15 2021. I could say that I used to...



Григорьян Артём Иванович

Из-за не правильного питания вылезли осложнения с геморроем. Направили к проктологу Григорьяну. После осмотра и результатов анализов назначил таблетки. Где-то в середине курса приё...



Григорьян Артём Иванович

Артем Іванович - прекрасний лікар, висококваліфікований фахівець, який блискуче володіє найсучаснішими методами діагностики і методиками лікування захворювань, знаю це на власному ...