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Medical center

Medical center
About the Center
About the Center

The universal clinic "Oberig" is a private hospital with its own full-fledged pathohistological center. The main section of the center's work is microscopic examinations of taken pieces of organs or tissues (histology) and cells (cytology) to determine changes in their structure in various diseases. In addition, pathohistological and cytological studies are carried out in order to:

  • Establishing the form, nature and stage of the pathological process (inflammatory, tumor, benign, malignant, etc.)
  • Diagnosis of diseases at the stage of preclinical manifestations
  • Studying the dynamics of the pathological process, assessing the quality of treatment
  • Determination of the radicality of the volume of surgical interventions.
  • Histological examination is the gold standard for establishing a reliable diagnosis in case of suspected cancer. Without it, it is IMPOSSIBLE to prescribe adequate treatment.

In addition, histological examination is widely used in the diagnosis of non-neoplastic diseases, in particular in gynecology (determination of endocrine diseases and the causes of infertility, inflammatory and precancerous diseases of the cervix), hematology (identification of various forms of pathology), gastroenterology (diagnosis of early cancer, chronic gastritis, ulcers), hepatology (establishing the nature of liver damage, activity of the process, stage of the disease).

Further tactics of patient treatment, adequate therapy and prognosis of the entire disease as a whole depend on the quality work of the pathological center.

The histopathological center examines both biopsy and cytological material, which was taken by the doctors of the clinic "Oberig", and material from other clinics. But! He must strictly comply with the standard requirements for biopsy sampling and be appropriately referred by the attending physician.

If you have been prescribed a histological or cytological examination, make sure that it will be performed according to generally accepted European standards and you will receive a qualified diagnosis.

  • Cytological examination of puncture material. Cytological examination of punctures obtained with a fine needle (fine needle biopsy) from tumors, tumor-like formations of any location: head, neck, breast, thyroid gland, lymph nodes, bones, soft tissues of the extremities, skin, lungs, mediastinum, abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space.
  • Exfoliative cytology (scraping) - material obtained during gynecological examinations, as well as from wounds, ulcers; smears prints from tumors and tumors of different localizations.
  • Cytological examination of biological fluids (pleural, abdominal, effusion, sputum).
Kovalyova Anastasiia Kovalyova Anastasiia
  • Pathologist
  • 7 years of medical experience
Salamakha Olha Salamakha Olha
  • Intern
  • (pathohistology)
Medical center Why Medical center?

Having your own pathohistological center is  a guarantee of making the right diagnosis, and thus choosing the right treatment strategy.   Without histological examination   IT IS IMPOSSIBLE   to prescribe adequate treatment if cancer is suspected . In addition, histological examination is widely used in the diagnosis of non-neoplastic diseases, in particular - in  gynecology  ,     gastroenterology   hepatology  . We have all the technical and intellectual capabilities to conduct qualitative research. 

Our pathologists are professional and attentive. They love their work and are very responsible in every case, looking for the truth and not using clichés and quick but not quality conclusions. They also constantly share their knowledge with others, conducting seminars and teaching medical students.