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Children’s hospital clinic “Oberig” –place, where professionally and effectively will help you to solve the problem with your child’s health. Why do parents choose Children’s hospital clinic of the clinic “Oberig”?

Expertise and experience

Doctors of Children’s hospital clinic “Oberig” has a big work experience with little patients. Doctors have modern and careful treatment of different diseases, considering individual characteristics of every child. Doctors are guided by evidence-based medicine principles that are based on the world leading countries experience.

Team approach to the children’s treatment Frequently the child suffers from complex diseases and needs a few specialists’ examinations. It’s very important for their actions to be coherent and teamed for example prescribing medical therapy. If clinic pediatricians see the necessity of calling in “Highly specialized” specialist, we are ready to give such an opportunity to our little patients. Besides, in our clinic patients receive the broad spectrum of consultative diagnostics, medical and preventive help.

Modern treatment methods

All doctors of Pediatric clinic service keep up with the time. They know the latest achievements in the world of medicine and are ready to use it in everyday practice. For the patient it means that adapting more modern careful treatment based only on postulate of evidence-based medicine. All doctors are participants of European Pediatrician Congress where they get the best world practice for the children’s treatment.

Non-hospital atmosphere

We know how it is important for parents and their child not to be afraid of going to the doctor and we managed to make such atmosphere for little patients. Brightly colored walls, a lot of toys, the absence of the hospital atmosphere distract children and allow easily examining them. As a result children don’t cry, getting known about the necessity of planned visit to the doctors of the clinic “Oberig” but they get it, as visiting.

You can make an appointment for your child to the specialists, as following:

Pediatrician - a specialist, whose primary mission (prevention) or the return of a healthy child, allows him to fully fulfill their innate potential life.

To choose the pediatrician is the responsible choice, as you have to trust him the most valuable - your child's health. Make sure your pediatrician - a highly skilled specialist, who has extensive experience working with young patients, is able to find an approach to them, and the most important knows how to choose the best treatment for your child. With it you will be consulted on all issues ranging from breastfeeding, vaccination and before treatment, if necessary, on different diseases.

Pediatric otolaryngologist -diagnostics and the treatment of ear, nose and pathologies of head and neck. If your child suffers from difficulty in nasal breathing, frequent and prolonged colds, headaches, dizziness, itchy nose, abundance of crusts in the nose , nose bleeding, paroxysmal sneezing, frequent respiratory infections, recurrent anginas(tonsillitis), cough, hoarseness, bronchitis, earaches, hearing impairment.

You with your child should see the pediatric ENT.

Pediatric neurologist –diagnostics and diseases treatment connected with involvement of central nervous system and damaged peripheral nervous and damaged peripheral nervous system and functional disorders among children.

If your child suffers from cramp attacks at night or during the day, high temperature, headache, the appearance of additional movements, incontinence, fecal incontinence, changes in gait impairment the activity of movements, “skewed face”, impairment of sleeping, loss of consciousness, impairment of speech, motor and mental child’s developing, appearing of accurate impairment cerebral blood flow. You should visit pediatric-neurologist. If your child had move head injury or your child is been diagnosed cerebral palsy or has any suspicions on it.

Pediatric -ophatolmologist – diagnostics, prevention and treatment of eyesight.

You should visit doctor if your child does not react on the bright light at the age more than 2 months, does not follow the toy by (with her/his eyes)at the distance of 15-25cm. If he/she has lacrimation or discharge from the eyes, reddened eyelids, conjunctiva, he/she has complains about eye ache, dizziness, mist before the eyes.

Pediatric orthopedrist-traumatologist – diagnostics, the treatment of pediatric traumas and pathologies. Orthopedist –traumatologist works with diagnostic and with the treatment of such diseases: scoliosis, deformation off the upper and lower extremities, skeletal deformity rachitic origin, joint contractures and spastic paralytic nature, congenital torticollis, clubfoot, dysplasia, congenital dislocation of the hip.

Pediatric immunologist-allergologist - diagnotics and children’s treatment who suffers from different allergic and immunological diseases.

If your child constantly has SARS, bronchitis, otitis, anritis, pustular diseases, parents should consult with immunologist, with the necessity may define immune status. Children’s hematologist -diagnostics and blood disease and hemopoietic organs treatment among children.

With blood diseases it is often stated malaise, weakness, fatigability, poor appetite. These complains may be the first signs of really serious disease that are connected with the violation of the main bone marrow function - hemopoietic. Changes in children’s condition and behavior must be the reason to visit the hematologist.

Children’s hematologist - diagnostics and blood disease treatment and hemopoetic organs among children.

With blood diseases it is often stated malaise, weakness, fatigability, poor appetite. These complains may be the first signs of really serious diseases, that are connected with the violation of the main bone marrow function-hemopoetic.

Changes in children’s condition and behavior must be the reason to visit the hematologist.

Children’s neurologist – diagnostics and the treatment of kidney diseases and urinary system among children. You should consult with children’s neurologist with changes in urinalysis (salt, increase in the level of white blood cells, erythrocytes, the presence of bacteria, etc., with the appearance of discomfort or pain when urinating ; when incontinence at night among children older than 4-5 years, when redding in the genital area, with back pain.

Childrens’ gynecologist – diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the reproductive system among girls and also defects and anomalies of genital girls’ organs.

Usually children’s gynecologist does diagnostics and treatment of such diseases: synechia (fusion of the labia minora); defects of the genital organs, dysbiosis mucous membranes of the genital, candidiasis of the mucous membrane (thrush), polycystic ovary syndrome, violation of puberty(premature/delay), menstrual disorders.

Endocrinologist –diagnostics and therapy and pathology treatment of endocrine system. Consultation of childrens’ endocrinologist must be if: child’s intellectual abilities get worse, difficult to study, derangements in sleeping and observable daytime sleepiness; child gets tired very quickly or so much irritated, complains about the discomfort or pain in the front neck area; child has edema, gain weight on a sudden, frequent urination, especially at night, child is overweight for his/her age; signs of early puberty(growth of the breast, hair in armpits and on the pubis)appear earlier than 8 years old, or there is no hair after 13 years old.

Children’s urologist- diagnostics and treatment of malformations and diseases of the genitourinary system.

More usually children’s urologist works with the detection and treatment of different forms of violation of the genitor-urinary bladder inflammatory and neurogenic violation congenital malformations); acute and chronic infections of urinary tract; congenital abnormality of the urinary system; anomalies of the external genitalia (hypospadias, epispadias, cryptorchidism phimosis).

Children’s cardiologist - prevention, detection and treatment of heart ,vessels, connective tissue disruption among children. Consultation of children’s cardiologist must be if: infant does not gain weight, tired quickly while suckling breast, refuses from food, rapid breathing, child constantly coughs; noticeable bluish around mouth, lips, eyes, tips of the fingers; noticeable swelling of the eyelids, hands, legs, genitals; significantly decreased the amount of urine, child complains about the pain in the heart area, intermission, fat and slow heartbeat, often arises dizziness and headaches; often fainting and exist semi-synoptic state, arises pain and swelling of the joints. Children’s gastroenterologist –diagnostics and treatment of gastrointestinal tract among children. You should go to the children’s gastroenterologist, if:

Child does not have appetite; you notice poor weight gain; if a child has periodic vomiting or regurgitation, heartburn, presence of unpleasant odor from the mouth, constipation stool, diarrhea, flatulence, and violation of the act of defecation.

Children’s surgeon –diagnostics and treatment of (operative or conservative) the most different pathologies among children, as congenital, as urgent. Immediately see the children’s surgeon if: your child is suspected the appendicitis, ileus or other acute conditions. Day and night we hospitalized children from 28-day of birth. Also, if the child needs elective surgery, surgeons of Universal clinic “Oberig” are ready to offer you to make an operation by minimally invasive method with minimum injury of your child.

Besides, we offer programs of complex observation of your child health for the first three years of his life. The program “Grow up together” is offered to caring parents, who understand the necessity of professional observation of your child. Our cooperation goal is prevention of diseases but not treatment. Also you can get a one-time complex examination program for your child.

The program “My chit” recommended to the children (3-16 years old), especially for children who often catch cold, sometimes complain about stomachache, eat badly, who have prolonged cough and are not under systematic pediatrician observation.

Remember your child’s health is in your hands! Be attentive and watchful to your child! Let’s raise healthy child together!

To make an appointment you can by tel. number 521-03-03

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